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Lambertus Braken (1815–1876) Antonius Loomans + Johanna Bergmans Goverdina Looijmans (1885–1935) Wilhelmus Lomans (1822–1901) Gerardus van Lierop (1918–1945) Gerardus Jacobus Veraa + Gertruda Bosch Paulina Habraken (1896–1974) Theodorus Looijmans Lomans (1849–1885) Hendriena Looijmans (1853–1857) Johanna Christina Looijmans (1925–2017) Johannes Mathias Leenen (1882–) Hendrik van de Vijfeijke + Francyn (Francisca) van Nunen Joanna Louise Roost (1910–1943) Joannes Mathijs Bekelaar + Aldegondis Smeets Gerardus Janssens (1885–1957) Gerard Lomans + Hendrina Swinkels Maria Petronella de Jong (1889–1958) Adrianus Broers (1832–1908) Godefridus Knapen (–1792) Theodora Catharina Rovers (1863–1937) Christina Goverdina Looijmans (1927–2011) Wilhelmus Maas + Maria Catharina Verdonschot Lambertus van Otterdijk (1873–1910) Joannes Franciscus Bekelaar (1893–1965) Willemke Thonis Verhyndert (Verhindert) (1615–1676) Hendricus Smulders + Catharina van Ham Peeter Daendel Coolen + Johanna (Jenneken) Frans Joosten van de Loverbosch Christina Josephina Bekelaar (1945–1945) Johannes Bouwmans (1883–) Antonius Antoniez Lomans (1679–1738) Bartholomeus Adrian (Bartel) Roijers (1722–1790) Adrianus Broers + Jacoba Gerardina Bekelaar Joanna Catharina Vos (1815–1880) Elisabeth Janssens (1892–1958) Antonius Looijmans (1883–1950) Joanna Boelens (1756–1843) Johanna Maria Lomans (1837–1886) Peter Antonius Leenen (1877–) Francisca Looijmans (1894–1970) Johannes Looijmans (1882–1950) Wilhelmus Lomans + Maria van Bree Francina Hendrika Lomans (1903–1907) Johanna de Laat (1886–1941) Jan Lintermans + Elisabeth Sauve Peter Franciscus van Agt (1886–1971) Christina Goverdina Looijmans (1927–2011) Johannes Looijmans (1882–1950) Jan Dirk Lammerts + Elisabeth Antonius Loomans Petronella Rooijers (1782–)